PN Racing was started on May 5th, 2002 by Philip Ng. His love and passion for mini-z pushed him to design and produce the high torque and durable PN racing S01 motor. It was introduced to the world in late 2002.

Mini-Z’s simplicity is fascinating, but Philip felt the suspension tuning ability is very limited. At the time there weren’t any parts that allowed true camber gain and caster adjustment on the Mini-z chassis.  After years of extensive R&D, PN Racing finally released their Double A-Arm front suspension setup for the MR02 in 2004. This was a game-changer as the set up allows racers to easily and conveniently adjust camber, camber gain, caster, toe, and spring rate. Each can be so easily adjusted that it could be even adjusted between races. 

In 2005, PN Racing organized and introduced the first ever world class Mini-Z race event called PN World Cup in Los Angeles, California. PNWC 2005  attracted many top  Mini-Z drivers from North America and Europe. Needless to say, the event was intense but filled with laughter and happy faces. Ever since then, PNWC has become an annual festival for Mini-Z racers from different countries of the world to compete and enjoy the excitement. Here is the full list of all the PNWC events:

2005 PNWC – Los Angeles, California, USA
2006 PNWC – Enfield Connecticut, USA
2007 PNWC – Lisbon, Portugal 
2008 PNWC – Las Vegas, USA
2009 PNWC – Barcelona, Spain
2010 PNWC – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
2011 PNWC – Hamburg, Germany
2012 PNWC – Cupertino California, USA
2013 PNWC – Paris, France
2014 PNWC – Singapore
2015 PNWC – Maranello, Italy
2016 PNWC – Lyon, France
2017 PNWC – Surabaya, Indonesia
2018 PNWC – Buenos Aires, Argentina 
2019 PNWC – Milano, Italy 
2022 PNWC – Bangkok Thailand 

Today, PN Racing is continuously improving and working hard to ensure excellence in product development. We extensively test all of our products on track during R&D, we will continue to develop and drive more innovations for the whole Mini-Z community that are exciting for our consumers.